Pet Portrait Christmas Decorations 

NEW! Hey guys so I've been working on some new stuff lately and by happy accident I've created theses super cute Mini Pet Portrait Christmas Decorations Safe to say theses are by far the smallest pet portraits I have ever done


From your photos I hand paint your pets onto  wooden discs which can be hung from any where you desire. They are double sided so you can choose the same photo on each side, 2 different ones or even 2 different pets. Theses are obviously a lot smaller which means I can't get the detail in that I normally would in pet portraits, please be kind and understand they are being painted to the best of my ability to create a likeness of your pets. Little unique gifts for animal lover's or to decorate your own home.

There's will be £20 each, 2 for £35 and £5 off each one in your order for multiples for double sided and all personalised to you. Postage and Packaging to anywhere  in the UK is £1.50. Theses have been selling fast please order and get your photos in quick.


How to Order

Find the best pictures you can of yours or your friends beloved animals, they just need to be of good quality and show their eyes well.

Decide how many decorations you would like and which photos you'd like on each side of the decorations. Remember they don't have to be the same on each side. If you want me to add a Christmas hat or anything Christmassy let me know and I'll add it.  

Email or message me via social media your photos and your order. 

I'll get painting! 

Photos of the finished products will be sent to you and if your happy with them I'll send you the payment info and get your decorations send to you! 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. 

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