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Through my drawings I love to bring the character and soul of your beloved pets to life in my artwork whilst creating a true likeness from your photographs.  I will use high quality pencils either coloured or graphite, your choice to bring your pets to life on paper. I will commission almost any animal subject of your choosing and on special exception human subjects too. I time-lapse all of my drawings so you will receive a video of their drawing being created. 

The reactions of people that receiving my artwork are truly wonderful, which you can see here is this video.

Dobermand Drawing by Rachel Baker Artist
Rachel Baker Artist Happy Customer

How this works:

Step 1: Decide upon the medium, paper size and number of subject you require so that a price for your drawing can be established. (Using the price list below). 

Step 2: Find the best pictures you can of your beloved animals, they just need to be of good quality and show their eyes well. If you find some that the eyes aren’t clear in, but you like the posture or pose, as long as I have another photo that does show the eyes better, I can work from more than one photo. If you are really struggling to find the photos that are best I am more than happy to come and take the photos for you, if you are local to Milton Keynes.

Step 3: I will put together the composition that I think would work best, if you're happy with this then I will ask for just a £50 deposit and then start drawing. I will send you updates throughout the drawing process to make sure that the drawing is looking as spot on as possible.

Step 4: Once you are happy with the drawing, it will be sprayed, mounted and sealed with its certificate of authenticity. We will then arrange for the drawing to be delivered and the full amount to be paid. Also if you are wanting the drawing to be framed properly I can put you in touch with a framers. Your drawing will be time-lapsed and you will receive a copy of the video which can be the perfect way to present your drawing. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Horse Portrait by Rachel Baker Artist
Dog Portrait by Rachel Baker Artist