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How to paint Blossom by Liquid Art!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Here is Liquid Art's Step-by-Step Guide for this Acrylic Painting


Our Printable Step By Step Sheet for you to Download!

Blossom Step-by-Step Printout
Download PDF • 30.23MB


What you'll need

Set Up Like this:

  • Canvas Board

  • 3 Paint Brushes; Large, Medium and Small

  • Kitchen Roll

  • A pot of water

  • Palette covered in Cling Film

  • Acrylic Paint colours; White, Black, Blue, Turquoise, Green (mix Blue and Yellow if you don't have green) and Pink (mix Red and White if you don't have this).

  • Beverage of your choice!



Using the large paintbrush give it a good wash and then dab off the excess water on the kitchen roll, make sure to always do this after washing your brushes. Then take some White paint, brush it along the top and middle of the canvas then add the Turquoise between the two whites and at the bottom of the canvas. Don't worry if they start to mix as we want the white to turn into a light Turquoise.


Still using this Large brush, give it a good was and dab it dry just a little on the kitchen towel. Then wet the paint brush again and then brush across the canvas between the colours. This blend the colours together to make this kind of effect.


Still using your Large brush now take some of the other Blue and dab the paint in the shapes like so. This is going to create a almost river bank which is the idea behind this background only very subtle.


Next, we are going to take a Medium brush and add some black painting like so into the previous step. Then clean your brush and use some water gentle using a rubbing motion to blend theses colours together.


Next wash your paint brush and take some white and rub it into the Turquoise between the two 'River Banks' this will make a really light Turquoise.


Now take your small brush, use some green (you may need to mix some Blue and Yellow together if you do not have this colour) to create the branches. Makes sure the paint is runny enough to move, start from the edges and try to keep the branches thin. Then go over theses mainly underneath the branches with some black paint create some shadows. Do as many Branches as you like.


Give your paint brush a good wash and change your paint water as it will probably be very dark after using the black paint. You might to leave this painting for a few minutes now to dry before we go over this with the lighter pink colour. When you are ready we are going to take the small brush, using some Pink (mix white and red if you do not have pink) and dab some blossom on leaving some parts of the branches blank, less is more and you can always add more later.


Whilst the pink colours are on the canvas now take some White paint and dab this in places over the Pink already painted. This is to create different shades of pinks in the Blossom.


Final bit for this painting is to add some black back into the branches that might have been lost in the Blossom. Don't paint over all the blossom just go over certain parts. Then you may wish to go over parts of the Blossom if you wish to add some more colour into your painting. If not then you are done!


We hope you enjoyed this doing this painting. Please share and send us a picture of what you have created. There are more Tutorials available on our YouTube Channel and you can Download more sheets like this from our website. Thank you for supporting us!

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