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You can now do Liquid Art anytime from your own home and all designed for beginners! 


This file contains: 

- Access to Parrot Private Tutorial 

- Prompts for the painting. 


This a PDF Doc and then a YouTube link. This YouTube link is also at the bottom of the Sheet.  This does download better on PC but mobile users will just need to copy and paste the YouTube link from  sheet! 


Everyone learns in different ways. You can follow the Tutorial video which is 22.24 minutes long, just the cheat sheet or both! 


Hoep you enjoy and please share with us how you did! 

Parrot Step by Step!

  • Theses’ Tutorials have been created and are property of Rachel Baker at Liquid Art. 

    Theses Tutorials are for personal use only. DO NOT use these for classes or for anything other than personal use. DO NOT share theses sheets or links on. 

    You have 30 days to open the link. 

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