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How to paint Beach Turtles Liquid Art!

Here is Liquid Art's Step-by-Step Guide for this Acrylic Painting

This tutorial is designed for beginners to paint along at home with a drink in their hand. You can either follow along on YouTube or follow this Step by Step sheet.

Anyone can be an artist with a drink in their hand!


Our Printable Step By Step Sheet for you to Download!

Beach Turtles Step By Step
Download PDF • 4.05MB


What you'll need

Set Up Like this:

  • Canvas Board

  • 3 Paint Brushes; Large, Medium and Small

  • Kitchen Roll

  • A pot of water

  • Palette covered in Cling Film

  • Acrylic Paint colours; White, Black, Blue, Turquoise, Yellow and Brown (mix Red, Yellow and Blue to make brown if you do not have it)!

  • Beverage of your choice!



Using the large paintbrush give it a good wash and then dab off the excess water on the kitchen roll. Then take some Turquoise painting it diagonally across where the sea should be.


Still using this Large brush mix some White and Turquoise together on the Palette. Then brush this colour using a dabbing motion over the shore line you have created with the turquoise colour and add a few diagonally lines across the sea you've already created as shown in the photo.


Now for the next few steps we are going to use a few different colours to build up the waves. Mix some of the Blue and Black to make a Dark Blue together then create theses jagged lines across the "Sea" in the same diagonal as before.


Give your big paint brush a good wash and set it aside. Pick up your Medium Brush and give it a good wash. take some white paint and dab it into the turquoise, like so. Then wash your brush and blend the colours together a little by brushing between two colours. If you find too much paint on your brush wash and dry it between Blending the colours.


Now we are going to move onto the sand. Wash your Brush then mix some Yellow, White and tiny bit of Brown (mix red, yellow and blue to create a brown if you don't have any) together to create the sand colour.Then Leave a gap of white between the sea and shore colouring in the "Sand".


Using your medium brush still mix a slightly lighter sand colour by adding some white to the colour you've already made. Dab this colour into the Sand to build up some texture. Then mix a lighter brown Colour and do the same, this is all to bulid up the textures and colour of the sand.


Next we are going to go back to working on the sea. Make sure your brush is clean then take some white paint and dab it along the "shore" line going over both the sand and sea colours. Then mix a white and turquoise colour, dab this between the blues and the white in the "Sea".


Now taking the smallest brush you have take some lighter turquoise and white along the top of a few of the waves. This is done by dabbing along the tops of the waves following that same direction.


Its now time for us to paint the Turtles. Take your smallest Brush for detail. Give it a good wash and take some black paint making sure its wet enough to move. Your going to paint a oval shape the size of you little finger tip, one facing towards the sea the other facing slightly a different angle then we are painting on the head, four little legs and the tail. You can ofc add more turtles if you wish. You can use a wet wipe to wipe this off if you want to change it


Last little bit to do is to touch up the sore line using Turquoise Blue and some white. You may not need to do any this step but this will just help to make colour pop out more.


We hope you enjoyed this doing this painting. Please share and send us a picture of what you have created. There are more Tutorials available on our YouTube Channel and you can Download more sheets like this from our website. Thank you for supporting us!

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