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How to paint Wild Flowers by Liquid Art!

Here is Liquid Art's Step-by-Step Guide for this Acrylic Painting

This tutorial is designed for beginners to paint along at home with a drink in their hand. You can either follow along on YouTube or follow this Step by Step sheet.

Anyone can be an artist with a drink in their hand!


Our Printable Step By Step Sheet for you to Download!

Beach Turtles Step By Step
Download PDF • 4.05MB


What you'll need

Set Up Like this:

  • Canvas Board

  • 3 Paint Brushes; Large, Medium and Small

  • Kitchen Roll

  • A pot of water

  • Palette covered in Cling Film

  • Acrylic Paint colours; White, Black, Blue, Red and Yellow.

  • Beverage of your choice!



Using the large paintbrush give it a good wash and then dab off the excess water on the kitchen roll, make sure to always do this after washing your brushes. Then mix a Green using the Blue and Yellow on your Palette. Take this Green and brush it over the bottom half of your Canvas.


Still using this Large brush, don't wash it so there is still some Green on it. Take some White paint and brush it on the top half on the canvas, this should make a nice light green. Now we want to blend theses two colours together so wash your brush make it nice and clean, wet it again and brush between the two colours blending them together. You may need to keep washing and drying your brush using the water and Kitchen towel.


We are now going to create some Blades of Grass for the background. Using the Green we created earlier make it a little darker using some blue, then use your small brush to paint upwards lines creating the blades of grass. They should all be different shapes, sizes and go in different directions.


Next, we just want to add a new shade into the Blades of Grass. Mix a tiny bit of black into the green and do the same technique adding a few blades with this new colour. You don't need to do loads, with painting less is often more.


Now we are going to start painting some flowers. Really good wash with your small paint brush and take some White paint then dot it over a few of the blades of grass. some of theses clustering the a few dots together, like so. Don't wrong if they aren't that Bold we will go over theses again later. Then do the same but this time mix a light yellow by mixing white and yellow together. This is creating more flowers.


And the same again to the this time with some yellow and also go over a few of the lighter yellow ones just slightly too with this colour.


Next we are going to paint our Lavender/ Bluebells. Using your clean small brush mix a purple using the blue, red and a tiny bit of white then dab this colour in lines together like the picture. Then mix a lighter purple using some more white and dab this over the  top for effect.


For the next part mix some red and white to make a light pink. With small brush take this pink colour make some more rounded flowers this time like so. Then add some red paint on top of this colour to give it a different shade of colour.


For this next part we are going to have some splatter fun! So take some of the Pink paint and make it runny with the water on your small brush holding it in your weaker hand close to the painting then take another paint brush and hold the brush part in your dominate hand like so. Then Tap the small paint brush with the bigger paint brush so that little droplets of paint splatter off. Pretend you are doing a little drum solo! This is to look like little drops of Pollen and really tiny flowers. Repeat this with the Yellow, White and Purple paint too. Do as much or as little as you'd like.


As said earlier we just now need to go over the yellow and white flowers as they may have blended in with the background originally. Take a clean brush and go back over the white flowers and do the same with the yellow flowers. Then in the white flowers you might want to add a few yellow dots in them to make daises. Then your Done!


We hope you enjoyed this doing this painting. Please share and send us a picture of what you have created. There are more Tutorials available on our YouTube Channel and you can Download more sheets like this from our website. Thank you for supporting us!

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